Spring Gardening Catalogs

Received another catalog this morning. Interestingly I had never seen “grafted” vegetable transplants before. The photos appear impressive vs the normal seedlings started indoors. Alittle pricey but I may try one or two. Anyone tried these?

Have a permaculture experiment going on this winter. Trying a modified “hagelkultur” technique. Covered half the empty garden with six layers of newspaper and then covered with old lawn clippings. This area had been roto tilled for 3 springs prior. We will see. This ground is horrible. As the neighborhood expanded 20 yrs ago all the scrap was pushed into the next empty lot and the new house was built on top. Roto tilling this is similar to working on a parking lot. Usually takes 3 years of tilling and adding compost to get any type of yield. Maybe if this experiment works I will not need to till except to open new areas.

About southwestbackyard

I am retired and learning about ecommerce focusing on the Southwest. In particular gardening, and home decor and Native American culture

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