Ecommerce Journey II

downloadSo it has been longer than a week but here we go. I have begun reading alot of material on SEO and I have a bunch of work to do. This isn’t quite as simple as I was led to believe. I am busy getting listed in the Free Directories first. Then making sure all the social media sites are able to link to my business page. Another large task is beefing up my content and selection in the on line store. This is time consuming but must be done. Additionally I have been trying to gain at least a novice level familiarity with html. Have found and not found some things in the web site that need to be changed and/or added. I have alot to do.


Ecommerce Journey

I wanted to share some thoughts on my experience on starting an ecommerce site. Keep in mind this is my experience and others may have a different take.
I was in a position where I needed to supplement my income. I am a couple yrs away from retirement and wasn’t ready to sit and watch the grass grow. I got hooked up with a company that stated they could help me. Shame on me for not comparative shoppinng (Lesson 1). I got set up as an LLC and got a number of dropshippers to supply product. A web page was set up for me that was OK. Honestly I had no idea what I was doing. Just an idea (Lesson2). At this point my phone began ringing off the hook. “You need to have a credit card machine”, “You need a tax company that knows ecommerce”, etc.. Don’t respond. (LESSON3). My next task was to get involved in all the social media sites, FB, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. I have with daily posts. I was led to believe that this would lead to persons visiting the site and placing orders for product. Guess what, after 3 months not a single order. There is much more to it than social media driving business to your site (Lesson4).
I have and am learning alot NOW on my own. I will continue this thread tomorrow.

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The Daughter has Spoken (Used Car)

Took the daughter to look at a used Mini Cooper last week. Took the son along also. Glad we did. He is fourteen and I think that is his shoe size also! With the front seat all the way forward he couldn’t get those dogs between the back seat and the front seat. Not convenient for getting in and out when getting to school. Sooooo….. She next spied a black Honda Civic. 2011 with 22K mi. It had been in a rear end collision and been repaired. Wanted $9900 for it. Looked in great shape. Drove it with no issues up to 65mph. It’s in the driveway. Couple issues to take care of. Air bag sensor came on and after reading the computer it needs replaced. Dealer said he would split the cost. Don’t know if this a good deal? Anyway everyone likes it. I originally intended to unload the crappy 2003 Neon with the bad computer. As I was negotiating I was informed we would keep it and I (me) would drive it until it drops. About every third time I start it I have no dash gauges. Well I can remember how much gas I have and drive fairly slowly so until it leaves me on the side of the road I guess its mine. Sigh………Image