Ecommerce Journey

I wanted to share some thoughts on my experience on starting an ecommerce site. Keep in mind this is my experience and others may have a different take.
I was in a position where I needed to supplement my income. I am a couple yrs away from retirement and wasn’t ready to sit and watch the grass grow. I got hooked up with a company that stated they could help me. Shame on me for not comparative shoppinng (Lesson 1). I got set up as an LLC and got a number of dropshippers to supply product. A web page was set up for me that was OK. Honestly I had no idea what I was doing. Just an idea (Lesson2). At this point my phone began ringing off the hook. “You need to have a credit card machine”, “You need a tax company that knows ecommerce”, etc.. Don’t respond. (LESSON3). My next task was to get involved in all the social media sites, FB, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. I have with daily posts. I was led to believe that this would lead to persons visiting the site and placing orders for product. Guess what, after 3 months not a single order. There is much more to it than social media driving business to your site (Lesson4).
I have and am learning alot NOW on my own. I will continue this thread tomorrow.

Oldtime store


About southwestbackyard

I am retired and learning about ecommerce focusing on the Southwest. In particular gardening, and home decor and Native American culture

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