The plants and trees are starting to get going. We have 4 kinds of squash, tomatoes, good selection of peppers. The pomegranite is setting alot of fruit as is the fig. I also tried something new this year. Planted some okra. Don’t know much about it but some good friends think it is great fried. If someone knows what to do with it leave a comment. Wish I was as upbeat about my lawn. I had a fungus last fall and it looks horrible. Watering and fertilizing but to this point still pretty sad.DSCF1962 DSCF1961 DSCF1960 DSCF1806


March 30

DSCF1842 DSCF1843Have made the first pass through the garden with roto tiller. Broke some new area. Never found so many bricks and large rocks. Still the little electric tiller worked great. I highly recomend. As you can see the tomatoe seeds are up with the peppers not far behind this week. Only going with Long Green chiles and Jalepenos. I have to stop with the Seranos as they are like eating sticks of dynamite. No one eats them here except me. Still need to add some soil amendments and roto till one more time. Should plant in next 3-4 weeks. Happy gardening.

Spring Ahh Spring

DSCF1806 DSCF1803 DSCF1805Plants are starting to get going. The trees are leafing out. The first photo is the pomegranite. We should get some good ones this year. We have yellow flowers coming on one of the plants. The sage are still somewhat dormant but at the first hint of rain they will be covered completely in purple flowers. I am not so patiently waiting for the vegetable seedling to sprout indoors.What a great time of year. Yard still not doing much since the Bermuda grass doesn’t like the evening temperatures yet. But soon.

Spring is Springing

Spring is coming on fast to the Southwest Backyard. Last week was windy and cool. This week in the 70’s and tomorrow 84. Time to start on spring chores. I need to roto till the garden (minus my Permaculture area). Cut the grass down really short. Clean out the pool and get the chlorine levels back up. Number one this week is to get everything trimmed, bushes vines and trees. I have finished the front yard and have taken care of the peach tree, fig and rose bushes. Earlier in this blog are photos of the peach and fig. Below are the after photos. Not sure I have a clue how to trim a rose bush but gave it my best shot.DSCF1661 DSCF1662