Sticker Shock

WOW! Did some preliminary scouting for used cars. Looking for a smaller 4 dr. Most are priced $9k-$12k and all have 75 to 98,000 mi. Maybe I just haven’t been used car shopping for a few yrs. Are used cars generally higher miles than they used to be?


Dodge Neon R.I.P.

This has been a good car. Ugly, but dependable. She was totalled by the insurance company years ago but has performed great for years after. Other night check engine light came on and had no dash gauges. Now at long last I am told both her computers need replaced or reprogrammed, and needs motor mounts. Probably around $600 – $750. More than the car is worth. 120K mi. on her. Oh, well everything comes to an end. Maybe eBay?


Spring Gardening Catalogs

Received another catalog this morning. Interestingly I had never seen “grafted” vegetable transplants before. The photos appear impressive vs the normal seedlings started indoors. Alittle pricey but I may try one or two. Anyone tried these?

Have a permaculture experiment going on this winter. Trying a modified “hagelkultur” technique. Covered half the empty garden with six layers of newspaper and then covered with old lawn clippings. This area had been roto tilled for 3 springs prior. We will see. This ground is horrible. As the neighborhood expanded 20 yrs ago all the scrap was pushed into the next empty lot and the new house was built on top. Roto tilling this is similar to working on a parking lot. Usually takes 3 years of tilling and adding compost to get any type of yield. Maybe if this experiment works I will not need to till except to open new areas.


Wow Dec. 7th. Got my first seed catalog today. Totally Tomatoes. Great catalog with lots of tomato and pepper selections. I haven’t had great success with tomatoes last couple years. I think it was because by 2nd wk of June temps above 100. Lots of blossoms but very few fruits set. I need to find a real heat hardy variety. Any ideas? On the pepper side we can grow Serrano peppers with great success. One problem they are so hot no one in the family will eat them except me. Oh well, to me they are good.

Saw the Sun Today

Photo Yesterday. Today topped out at around 5o degrees. Not going to get better for a few days. The photos tell it all for a city that hardly ever has a complete day without the sun.DSCF1499

Southwestbackyard's Problem Child "Poncho"

With the garden put to bed for the year Poncho is the biggest challenge!